Mellow Monday.


These ornamental peppers from my garden have become my new favorite snack.  The plant is heavy with multi-colored peppers right now, and I love picking the ripest red.  They are super sweet and crunchy, and they just make me smile.  It doesn’t take much these days.

God is working out so many kinks in our lives right now.  Crooked, cluttered paths made straight.  Heavy, dark clouds cleared.  All in the knowledge that His intricate plan involves so many details we don’t have to understand.  We just have to trust.  It seems that just when we cry out, “God, please take this,” He picks it up, cleans it off and makes it into something beautiful and beneficial to our family.

The peppers are green at first, then yellow, then bright orange, then super sweet, red and ready to be enjoyed.  Before they turn red, it is so tempting to pick them just to see what they look like inside, to see what they taste like.  But if you wait just a little while longer for the ripened red, that is when the full, sweet scent fills your nostrils, the flavorful experience bursts in your mouth, and you can feel every blessing of worth in the waiting.

This Mellow Monday is about enjoying the simple details.  God is always good, in chaos and in the calm.  We all are blessed, because we are all loved.  The blessing in the details is simple to enjoy but not always simple to find.  Sometimes you have to sit down, breathe and look around you to find it.  Sometimes you just have to wait for it to ripen.


Straightforward Saturday.


Gnats and flies are my mortal kitchen enemies.  I found a recipe to combat them this morning — homemade candle using rosemary sprigs from my garden, slices of lemon and lime, 5 drops of peppermint oil, 5 drops of lavender oil, and a tea light with the metal casing removed.

I feel like an old woman the morning after I run.  It won’t stop me, though.  Last night’s run was the most difficult of my Jillian Michael’s 5K Program, but the most exhilarating because I wanted to keep going.  Plus, my firstborn has been running with me the past couple of weeks, and the example I am setting for him has been the most amazing motivation.

I am stressed out, sad and angry that two of our monsters are leaving for a month.  I want to eat everything in sight, drink myself to sleep at night and just forget the world until they get back.  Although self-medicating seems like a quick-fix, it will only cause major setbacks for me that I am not remotely interested in.  I have come too far, worked too hard and seen too much progress to allow my emotions to rule my path.

Stress can be your friend or your enemy.  Friends propel you with motivation to be the best version of you.  Enemies can drag you into a pit of self-pity and make you wallow in it, because, well, that’s easier than change.  Let your life stress motivate you to change.  The only path to a healthier you is straight forward.


So Good Sunday.


One of my older friends said yesterday, “Isn’t it interesting how my generation all grew up on one kind of bread, but we never heard about gluten allergies?”  I don’t know the extent of medical knowledge available 50 years ago, but I do know so many diet-related issues have been only been identified in recent decades.  So were the digestive issues I suffered as a child not only induced by over-indulging on junk food but also a gluten allergy?  Now as an adult who pays attention to what I feel after everything I consume, I can say for a fact my body does not love gluten.  When I eat pasta, breaded anything, and even the homemade decadence pictured above (Seeded Whole Grain Bread – even though it was SO GOOD),  I have – although minor – an adverse reaction.  I feel bloated, tired, and my digestion considerably slows down.  None of those symptoms are as severe as celiac disease or worse, but they are evident to me when I pay attention.  One of the things I learned in my health coaching classes was how to advise clients to keep a food diary.  It can be as critical as detailing to your doctor how you feel after you start a new medication and as simple as writing down what you eat and how you feel a couple of hours after.  If you want to begin the work to get your engine running cleaner and better, here’s your oil change.  Keep a food diary specific to reactions to dairy and gluten.  You may find a hidden key to what will feel like a diamond digestion mine you never knew existed.

Work It Out Wednesday.


I didn’t want to.  I wanted that extra hour to snooze and pretend I had no energy to get out of bed and continue my 5k training program.  The truth was, I did have the energy.  I had gained it from the past week I have been sticking to a program that is kicking my butt.  (Literally, I have to do butt kicks during my warm-up.) I had the energy, because today was the day my kids said they wanted to run with me.  I told them it was going to be rough, but they wanted time with me.  My daughter had to cut out early due to harsh side splints, but my son endured the torture right to the finish line.  We were both exhausted.  We both wanted to crawl home and sleep the rest of the day,  but we worked it out.  It was worth it.  Tonight we will sleep so good, and my daughter will try again the next time.  They see me enduring through rough situations, because I learn from the tough times.  The tough times make me stronger and wiser.  I don’t run away from intimidation, because that’s not me.  And when my kids see it over and over again as they get older, it won’t be them as adults, either.  They will tackle stuff that will make them better people, for themselves and for their families.  They will work it out, and they will win.

Good Thyme Tuesday.



Herbs and spices were a nuisance to me in my early cooking days.  I mean, why would anyone need any shaker-capped bottle other than salt, pepper and garlic powder?  What I have learned is that unless your parents were the sort who made everything from scratch and their own garden, like me you probably did not grow up with a familiarity of natural, uninhibited flavors of food.  So when you begin your journey of lifestyle changes for your health, what you may discover is herbs and spices help quite a bit when your palate is adjusting to natural foods.  And, of course, many of those herbs and spices also provide health benefits.  I have been incorporating so many wonderful new friends from my herb garden these past few months, and today’s harvest consisted mainly of three kinds of thyme that have nearly choked my ornamental pepper plant because I haven’t trimmed them in so long.  The fragrance was so beautiful that I trimmed some other herbs and ended up putting several of them in colorful mason jars in my kitchen sink window sill.  I also did some research on how to put them to non-culinary use.  Here are some interesting tidbits:

Rosemary can be brewed with nettle and horsetail as a tea and then used as a rinse for strengthening hair.

Lavender placed by your bed side can help promote sleep.

Moths and flies hate the smell of pepper, oregano and sage.

Thyme is so powerful that pregnant women and those with thyroid conditions should use with caution, but ointments and oils made from it contain properties that are rumored to aid in respiratory issues, cough symptoms and even as antibacterial treatment.

Happy Herbing!

Make It Happen Monday.


You’ve got to start somewhere.  Do you have a little coffee with your large cup of sugar and cream?  Do you have an XL side of fries with your grilled chicken sandwich?  Do you drown your spinach salad in Ranch dressing and a massive layer of croutons?  Anyone who is telling you your lifestyle change (not a diet — diets are temporary and defeating) has to happen all-or-nothing is lying to you.  Start small.  Switch out Ranch for olive oil and vinegar.  Gradually decrease your sugar and cream in your coffee until you can drink it black, and maybe some day you can even graduate to tea instead.  Get a side salad instead of fries, and later you can move on to no side at all.  I love my eggs in the morning, but I prefer them fried in butter or scrambled with a handful of shredded cheese and on a plate full of greasy, crispy bacon.  So my husband and I started small with smoothies in the morning.  Nothing unhealthy has to be added to these bad boys in order for them to taste amazing.  You just have to research the best combinations and experiment if you’re picky.  Our favorite is pictured above:  1 cup liquid egg whites, 1 T almond butter, 1 frozen banana, 1 T ground flaxseed, 1/2 cup almond milk.  Egg whites in anything but fried in a pan with whatever you can find to hide the bland and watery texture sounds unappealing to most, but in this smoothie you cannot taste them at all.  The balance here is perfect and filling:  protein, good fat, fiber and healthy sweetness.  Start small.  Switch to one healthier option each week until you can look in your fridge and not want to hide all the bad stuff when your fitness friends come over.

Free Will Friday.


Using food as fuel is a choice.  Adult-ing is no joke.  We have so many decisions to make every day, not only for ourselves but for each person in our care.  Paying bills is an option, but if you don’t you can lose necessities like cars and homes.  You can survive without those things, but day-to-day life could be difficult.  You can opt out of eating well, but it means sacrificing long term health as well as short term benefits like energy and quality sleep.  Today after a late morning errand the kids wanted to go out for  lunch.  We had healthier options at home.  My adult free will wanted to take them for food, so I could tackle some To Do List items.  I made the best decision I could for me and my family, and as a short term benefit we will feel good this afternoon.  What will you use your free will to accomplish for your health today? Pictured above:  Avocado Toast with Tuna, Tomato and just enough grass-fed cheddar cheese.

Tonic Thursday.


The kids were at Nana and Papaw’s last night, so I made a pretty impressive dinner for my man from my new cook book purchase, Whole Grains For a New Generation.   Heartstrings, Monsters, Dorks — our kids.  They are the reasons we work so hard.  The reasons we worry.  The reasons we rejoice at the blessings God has given us, even through struggles.  But sometimes alone time with my husband is my tonic for a rough week.  He grounds me.  He calms me.  He strengthens me.  More times than we want to admit in that alone time we jump off the deep end  — overeating, no exercise, too much wine, etc.  Last night we rewarded our hard work with an elegant, GOODTRITIOUS meal.  Sweet-Spiced Roast Chicken with Barley and Apricots, and a spinach and romaine salad on the side.  Man, did it hit the spot.  After we ate we felt energized, fueled and confident about our smart dinner decision.  Shouldn’t we feel good after we eat, instead of bloated, tired and groaning from an upset stomach?  Let food be your medicine, your tonic.  Reward yourself with health.  You deserve it.

Make-Your-Own Monday/In-Training Tuesday.


I tried my hand at raising herbs this past spring, and much to the surprise of this black-thumb-turned-green they have grown into beautiful, fragrant plants.  Now they are so big I have been searching for recipes to use them all up and to learn how to dry my lavender, so I can tie it all up in pretty twine and pat myself on the back for not spending $10 on it at a craft store.  I picked some basil yesterday for homemade pesto, which I will probably make my family sick of over the coming weeks because it turned out so delectable.  I decided to also post recipes for the other pantry/fridge staples I make at home, because I have yet to find brands I am OK with feeding to my family and brands they like that don’t contain all the yummy chemicals, sodium and sugar.  Spaghetti sauce is a big one in my house, and while I haven’t yet been able to grow enough of a supply of tomatoes to keep a pantry full of homemade tomato sauce I have found some acceptable canned purees that I love.  BBQ sauce is also critical, because my kids will eat their weight in chicken legs and wings cooked in it.  Ranch dressing and ketchup are so easy I have made them just for specific meals, and the kids kept requesting it so much I had to make bigger batches.  My apologies for this post happening so late that I crossed the I- should-be-in-bed-right-now line of Tuesday morning. Enjoy.

Weatherproof Weekend.


Did you know that you don’t have to starve or deprive yourself when you make the decision to care for your health?  That’s not a sarcastic question.  I honestly didn’t know until recently.  I spent years living on fad diets, and at family functions I would walk in angry as I smelled the counter top full of desserts, fried whatevers and other foods that please my palate but literally no other part of my body.  Then I would end up gorging myself the next day on whatever I could get my hands on, because I convinced myself the only way I could survive was to give up.  What I have learned lately is the moderation and balance is what prevents me from being a fair-weather dieter — someone who is only successful at eating healthy when every natural life environment is conducive to sticking with it.  The moderation means I can attend a party and know that I can have one or two bites of my husband’s slice of cake without eating two more large corner pieces when no one is looking.  The balance means I can have a small serving of Annie’s Shells and Aged Cheddar when my kids request it for dinner, but it would be a lot better for my body – and my family –  if I added extra lean ground turkey and broccoli to it.   Start small, one meal at a time.  It gets easier.  I promise. And your body will thank you for it.