Foretaste Friday.


This week my husband asked me, “Do you ever worry?” He explained he never saw me panic much anymore, that I seem to have it together even when things get scary or unsure.  My answer was, of course I worry.  The difference now is my eating, exercise and personal care regimes are more balanced than they have been in all of my adult life. So when we have to catch, bypass or demolish curve-balls, I can take a breath and figure out a plan.  When there just isn’t time for a plan, I can still breathe.  I can help my husband and children breathe, because I have the energy and clear head to do so.

“You can either worry or worship.  You can either pray or panic…….It’s not just what you eat that matters, it’s what eats you.”  – Rick Warren

I would love to tell you my choice is to always worship and pray over worry and panic, but I don’t think I would be human — much less a wife or mom — if I did.  It’s just life.  The point is, we have tools to equip us for a great life, and to pick up the pieces and build again when it’s not that great.  Physical, spiritual and emotional health are three things I can control with every decision I make for my body and mind each day.  I am worth it.  My family is worth it.  My soul is worth it.

I choose to trust God will make beautiful things out of dust, because my entire life He has proven it.  I choose to trust God will provide business to my husband, so our finances will continue to prosper.  I choose to trust our kids will be safe in His hands, because we can only control so much of their world.  I choose to trust the path I am on for my health will provide nothing but good things for myself and my family.  The Foretaste of a future where God holds us beyond what we can hold ourselves is too good to pass up.


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