Target Tuesday.


Pictured above:  Creamed Spinach-Stuffed Chicken (breaded with crushed pork rinds).

Sunday my husband and I decided to embark on the Ketogenic plan, which I have researched at length over the past year because of the number of people I know who have done it and because I had a love/hate relationship with the Atkins Diet in my early adult years, to no avail.  He wants a jump-start in his weight loss, and I am interested to see how much more definition I can achieve in pairing it with my strength training.

It has been rough but educational over the past three days, and today the pounds started dropping off like flies.  Ketosis is well under way, and areas I am wanting to Target are looking pretty fabulous.  I preach and practice balance, so the hardest part of this eating regime was wrapping my head around how that sermon fits here.  The consensus: even a seemingly out of balance eating regime can actually be the balance your body needs to achieve your health goals.  We don’t need excessive protein or carbs, but a decent amount of the right fats can improve brain function, digestive and blood health — which is the opposite of what the media has told us for decades.  Better yet, keto-focused meals can be tailored to please the pickiest kids!  Not many monsters will pass up cheese and meat, especially of the bacon variety.

Added bonus:  What has saved my digestion, and something I failed in miserably with Atkins, is the heavy incorporation of green vegetables…..loads of spinach, zucchini, broccoli and asparagus.  I have overcome my sweet tooth with a few berries in the morning, so I don’t ravage the fruit drawer in the middle of the night.  Sweet cravings — solved.  Extra-toned Target areas — solved.  Helping my amazing sweetheart stay on his path by eating all the same stuff — solved.

Don’t be afraid of changing up your workout or eating habits, journaling results and developing a path that may veer in a much different direction than you thought you would go.  Your body will let you know loud and clear what works and what doesn’t.  Always educate yourself.  Never stop learning about your body.  Paint your own target and make your plan to hit that sucker right dead in the center.


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