Weigh-In Wednesday.


I would love to tell you I am one of those people who finishes everything I start, that I accomplish every goal I set for myself, that I can do anything to which I set my pretty little mind.  It would all be one big, fat lie.  I am determined.  I am accomplished.  I can do lots of cool stuff, but I have to kick my own butt and fall on my face – a lot – for those things to be true.  I completed 34 out of 60 days of the Jillian Michaels 5K training program.  I stuck with it, but my knees had other ideas.  And because I would like to preserve them as long as I can, I had to change my goals for my workouts.  Today I started another regime that will treat my joints with more respect, and I will physically feel better along with looking better at the end of it.  The trade-off will be worth it, and I will not have to get new knees in a year to prove to myself that I am stubborn.

Be realistic.  Be hard on yourself, but only when it makes you better.  Be good to your body.  It’s the only one you will ever have.


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