Tyrone Tuesday.


Tyrone is our new rabbit.  This is what he eats.  It isn’t a pile of lettuce and carrots, a.k.a “rabbit food.”  He needs mostly hay, his main fiber source.  The pellets give him a small amount of protein but still mostly fiber, and everything else is just a treat.  He likes variety, just like we do.  His belly likes balance, just like mine does.  He needs daily exercise and affection, and he also desperately needs alone time.  He likes to know his habitat belongs to him and that he is safe there, but he also likes to explore where we live.  If any of this sounds familiar, that’s kind of the point of my blog.  Balance is your friend — in all aspects of your life.  It is even a biblical principle, if you want to get spiritually technical.  Above all else, it is important, because it is how our bodies, minds and spirits were designed.  Study your body’s reactions to your habits and make changes to be the best you you can be.  You deserve it.


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