Family Friday.


I made some Brownie Bites (using amazing ingredients like coconut sugar, applesauce, maple syrup and oat flour) from one of my favorite cookbooks, The 22-Day Revolution Cookbook.  Tonight all of our kids come home for the weekend, amidst summer vacation time with their other parents.  While I would love to make a fat, cheesy beef lasagna for dinner, sugar-filled goodies and get them donuts Sunday morning when we have to be at church super early I instead decided their health is worth my time and effort in the kitchen.  I am still feeling worn out most days from the Jillian Michaels 5K training program I have been doing for almost a month, and frankly when the kids aren’t here all I want to do is sleep and/or cry.  Dinner tonight will be my famous brown rice stir fry.  Tomorrow we will bring sandwiches and snacks to the water park followed by a clean dinner, and we will make healthy pancakes tomorrow night for Sunday morning.  Getting back into the cooking habit post adults-only vacation time with my husband will be good for my motivation, too.  We managed a fairly good eating regime while driving around Louisiana and Mississippi, and we exercised the whole time, but getting back into our health routines at home has been rough.  Let’s make this Family Friday a good one, because we are all worth it.


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