Mellow Monday.


These ornamental peppers from my garden have become my new favorite snack.  The plant is heavy with multi-colored peppers right now, and I love picking the ripest red.  They are super sweet and crunchy, and they just make me smile.  It doesn’t take much these days.

God is working out so many kinks in our lives right now.  Crooked, cluttered paths made straight.  Heavy, dark clouds cleared.  All in the knowledge that His intricate plan involves so many details we don’t have to understand.  We just have to trust.  It seems that just when we cry out, “God, please take this,” He picks it up, cleans it off and makes it into something beautiful and beneficial to our family.

The peppers are green at first, then yellow, then bright orange, then super sweet, red and ready to be enjoyed.  Before they turn red, it is so tempting to pick them just to see what they look like inside, to see what they taste like.  But if you wait just a little while longer for the ripened red, that is when the full, sweet scent fills your nostrils, the flavorful experience bursts in your mouth, and you can feel every blessing of worth in the waiting.

This Mellow Monday is about enjoying the simple details.  God is always good, in chaos and in the calm.  We all are blessed, because we are all loved.  The blessing in the details is simple to enjoy but not always simple to find.  Sometimes you have to sit down, breathe and look around you to find it.  Sometimes you just have to wait for it to ripen.


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