Straightforward Saturday.


Gnats and flies are my mortal kitchen enemies.  I found a recipe to combat them this morning — homemade candle using rosemary sprigs from my garden, slices of lemon and lime, 5 drops of peppermint oil, 5 drops of lavender oil, and a tea light with the metal casing removed.

I feel like an old woman the morning after I run.  It won’t stop me, though.  Last night’s run was the most difficult of my Jillian Michael’s 5K Program, but the most exhilarating because I wanted to keep going.  Plus, my firstborn has been running with me the past couple of weeks, and the example I am setting for him has been the most amazing motivation.

I am stressed out, sad and angry that two of our monsters are leaving for a month.  I want to eat everything in sight, drink myself to sleep at night and just forget the world until they get back.  Although self-medicating seems like a quick-fix, it will only cause major setbacks for me that I am not remotely interested in.  I have come too far, worked too hard and seen too much progress to allow my emotions to rule my path.

Stress can be your friend or your enemy.  Friends propel you with motivation to be the best version of you.  Enemies can drag you into a pit of self-pity and make you wallow in it, because, well, that’s easier than change.  Let your life stress motivate you to change.  The only path to a healthier you is straight forward.



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