So Good Sunday.


One of my older friends said yesterday, “Isn’t it interesting how my generation all grew up on one kind of bread, but we never heard about gluten allergies?”  I don’t know the extent of medical knowledge available 50 years ago, but I do know so many diet-related issues have been only been identified in recent decades.  So were the digestive issues I suffered as a child not only induced by over-indulging on junk food but also a gluten allergy?  Now as an adult who pays attention to what I feel after everything I consume, I can say for a fact my body does not love gluten.  When I eat pasta, breaded anything, and even the homemade decadence pictured above (Seeded Whole Grain Bread – even though it was SO GOOD),  I have – although minor – an adverse reaction.  I feel bloated, tired, and my digestion considerably slows down.  None of those symptoms are as severe as celiac disease or worse, but they are evident to me when I pay attention.  One of the things I learned in my health coaching classes was how to advise clients to keep a food diary.  It can be as critical as detailing to your doctor how you feel after you start a new medication and as simple as writing down what you eat and how you feel a couple of hours after.  If you want to begin the work to get your engine running cleaner and better, here’s your oil change.  Keep a food diary specific to reactions to dairy and gluten.  You may find a hidden key to what will feel like a diamond digestion mine you never knew existed.


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