Work It Out Wednesday.


I didn’t want to.  I wanted that extra hour to snooze and pretend I had no energy to get out of bed and continue my 5k training program.  The truth was, I did have the energy.  I had gained it from the past week I have been sticking to a program that is kicking my butt.  (Literally, I have to do butt kicks during my warm-up.) I had the energy, because today was the day my kids said they wanted to run with me.  I told them it was going to be rough, but they wanted time with me.  My daughter had to cut out early due to harsh side splints, but my son endured the torture right to the finish line.  We were both exhausted.  We both wanted to crawl home and sleep the rest of the day,  but we worked it out.  It was worth it.  Tonight we will sleep so good, and my daughter will try again the next time.  They see me enduring through rough situations, because I learn from the tough times.  The tough times make me stronger and wiser.  I don’t run away from intimidation, because that’s not me.  And when my kids see it over and over again as they get older, it won’t be them as adults, either.  They will tackle stuff that will make them better people, for themselves and for their families.  They will work it out, and they will win.


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